A note from Amelia: This topic was prompted by my recent job transition to The George Washington University, where I will be designing the curriculum about museums and technology for the Museum Studies program. As I develop courses, I want to be mindful to the universe of ideas, concepts, priorities, tools, trends, and real-world challenges of using, designing, implementing, and evaluating technology in current museum practice. So, I've been talking to a lot of colleagues in person, but it seemed best to open up the discussion as wide as possible. I'm interested in hearing about practical things (e.g., "Students really need to know how to code.") and the philosophical (e.g., "Students really need to understand the potential of collective intelligence.") and I hope this discussion will be free-ranging and free-wheeling. Thank you very much in advance for participating.

What do students planning to go into the museum field need to know about technology in museums?

Amelia Wong (@amelialikespie) and Erin Blasco (@erinblasco) want to know what you think! We're planning a #MuseSocial Twitter chat to take place on August 23, 2012.

  • What do museum practitioners who are using/designing/evaluating technology in museum experiences for visitors need to know?"
  • What knowledge of technologies is useful for performing your job?
  • What will you need to know about using/designing/evaluating technology in museum work in the future? What skills will you need to master?
  • If you could educate your colleagues about museum technology, what would you teach them?
  • If you could attend a training on any muse tech topic, what would it be?
  • Aside from practical skills and technical knowledge, what philosophy, theory, or values should they be familiar with?
  • What concepts about technology do they need to be familiar with?
  • What concepts about technology in education do they need to be familiar with?

What questions do you have?