Audiences We'd Like to Engage

Conference discussions often suffer from "preaching to the choir." We would like to engage a broader audience in the discussion, including:

WW2012 Participants
Attendees in the room and on back channels. Expect a lot of audience rotation, esp. during lunch. Participation must be easy, quick, and need not rely on previous knowledge from earlier in session. Most attendees will be using Twitter, but not all. Many will have laptops, more will have cell phones.

Museum Professional (off site)
The goal is to incorporate the perspectives of our museum colleagues and key stakeholders who are not attending MW2012. We hope to structure their participation so that it is exceedingly easy and does not require a great deal of their time. It should be web-based to accommodate those who aren't quite yet social media adopters. Folks are encouraged to make appointments with museum professionals they would like involved in the discussion and provide some basic coaching on how to participate prior to the conference.
We seek to engage museum professionals who:
  • want to attend MW2012 in person but could not for whatever reason.
  • have an interest in or are active in social media, but might never usually attend a web-related conference.
  • have expertise relevant to enhancing museum participatory experiences, but may be new to social media.

Museum Audiences (off site)
Our audiences are our target for everything we do with social media, so it only makes sense to involve them in the discussion! To keep the discussions focused and on topic, we will curate the questions and commentary shared in the live session and archive accordingly (e.g. Storify). A full archive will be kept as well. We encourage people to invite key "influencers" spanning a variety of museum audiences in advance. As for tools for participation, Twitter and Google+ seem the most logical choices to initially pursue.

Challenges to Be Addressed (ideas/tools welcome):
  • Comparable Data - how can we involve all of these audiences in a way that allows us to compare their responses/perspectives? Polls?
  • Comparable Sample Sizes - how can we ensure a good number of each audience is represented?
  • Engagement - how can we keep both on-site and off-site audiences equally engaged during the course of the session?
  • Documenting Results - how can we adequately capture the results of the discussion in a form that is accessible and useful to everyone? Live blogging + Storify + ?