What are the biggest myths or misconceptions about social media and museums? #musesocial

Thanks for participating! We are collecting and prioritizing research questions (phrased as provocative myths or misconceptions) to pursue during a professional forum discussion at the Museums and the Web conference in April 2012. We will select 5 myths or misconceptions (one from each category below) to explore more deeply, discuss with the broader community, gather data/evidence, and include in the live professional forum at the MW2012 conference. Although only 5 questions can be addressed live at the conference, we hope all of the questions will be actively discussed and/or independently researched, and we hope you will share results on this wiki. The more inquiry and conversation, the better!

Please do:
- VOTING COMPLETED: you voted for the myths you think should be considered for further study, discussion among the community, and inclusion in the professional forum at MW2012. Results are below.
- COMMENT on this wiki with research, ideas or suggestions for the live presentation.
- CONTRIBUTE any data, evidence, or studies relevant to a specific myth or misconception.


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View the full list of social media myths and feel free join this wiki to add to or edit the list directly, or insert comments/ideas.
Contribute general feedback, data, evidence, references, links, documents, resources, or anything else!