HELPFUL TOOLS (Bound to change at any moment!)

2015: This list sure could use some updating. Anyone interested?

Resources from Culture 24

I want to:
Social Media Management
Manage multiple accounts (Twitter, FB) Allow team to tweet
while keeping consistent basic stats & URL shortening. (Free)
ExactTarget ($$$) (Free)
Basic Metrics: Followers, Links, Retweets, Mentions,
Key Influencers & more. (must share data w/all & use widget. Offers paid account)
Reach / Impressions
How Old? Find out how long an account has been on Twitter.
Timing your tweets for maximum impact/reach. ($) (Free) (integrated SocialFlow) (free)
Convo & Tracking: Real-time Monitoring/Listening
Measure Shares: Track social sharing button clicks from your website
Google Analytics Social Plugin (acquired PostRank)
Archive: Archive Your Tweets
Twitter (must be done within few days of event) (to your calendar)
Momento (iPhone app)
Wordpress Plugins (e.g. Twitter Importer/Twitter Tools) (paid, setup tracker for search term or hash tag) (back 3200 tweets)
Know The Score: Find out your SM rating based on some
Keyword Trends
Aggregate Stats for
Multiple Platforms
Google Analytics (warning: auto-tweets your stats) ($) ($)
Advanced Stats at any Price
(e.g. demographics, audience segmentation,
longer & more real-time tracker & deeper insights) ($) ($)
Content Aggregation (Free+OAuth)
Create Social Media Images (Free)
Search Twitter