Erin's notes on Poll Everywhere:

Ways to vote
Web, SMS, smart phone, Twitter

Voting via the web
There are several ways to allow people to participate remotely. The simplest way is to allow people to vote on your poll through our website. When viewing your poll, click the "Ways to Vote" panel and choose Web Voting. Notice that this web address ends in "/web". You can send this web address (URL) to remote participants. They will only see your poll and not the controls on the right hand side.

You can also use Poll Everywhere widgets to embed live polls into your blog or website. Voting widgets can be used to allow people to vote from your web site and display the results afterward. We can also embed the results widget so they can see poll results!

Seeing the results live (for people viewing online)
When you are viewing your poll on our website, you can send that web address (URL) to people. They will only see your summarized poll results in a graph and not the controls on the right hand side. <- good option

You can also use the Poll Everywhere web results widget to embed poll results in your blog or website. Of course you can also download the poll results as a spreadsheet and share that file with people.

Also cool
- Can segment audience to have two sides or teams voting
- Can flip a switch so that folks’ Twitter icons appear (if they vote via Twitter)—though maybe anonymous voting is best
- Can embed poll question in PowerPoint slide
- We can download a .csv file of responses afterward; possibly useful for post-conference doc.
- For open response questions, we can turn on moderation to screen results before they display. Probably not necessary.

Erin’s account
NPM has an account. There can be up to 2,500 responses per poll which seems like enough for MW2012, right? And we have unlimited polls!

Two test polls
Here’s my attempt at an open response poll. Try responding by text, tweet, web, etc.
Here’s my multiple choice poll.